Dissertation Project

I am currently devoting much time to writing my dissertation. I am classified as ABD (All But Dissertation) at The Florida State University and plan to complete the degree very soon! 

The project focuses on the percussion music of Michael W. Udow. A bio will be included, offering significant events in the education and career of Dr. Udow. The paper will also include a complete annotated listing of his works that include significant percussion parts. The body of the paper will center around four pieces that offer a nice cross-section of Dr. Udow's output thus far. He is very active in composing and teaching, even after retirement from the University of Michigan and the Santa Fe Opera and I look forward to what this next phase in his career will offer us! His influence can be seen throughout the percussion community and I hope this project will honor his career and offer readers a more detailed look at his music and life. You can read more about Michael Udow and view his recent and upcoming projects on his new website: michaeludow.com

Recording Project

I was awarded a grant from the UW-Stevens Point University Personnel Development Committee (UPDC)! My project will center around the recording of an album of solo percussion music, four pieces for marimba and two for vibraphone. The pieces are connected through different facets of travel and will be titled Traveler. Update: All tracks have been recorded and are in the edit/mastering stage at Garnett House Productions! Release date to be announced soon! Stay tuned.   

John Psathas Percussion Project (JP3)

I'm honored to be working with good friends Omar Carmenates and Brian Nonzy on this project. They have been working on arrangements of several works by John Psathas and we recorded these during the summers of 2015 and 2016. Dr. John W. Parks IV is head engineer for this project. Update: round one of the recordings were a success and the samples we have sound fantastic! I can't wait to share them! 

Brian proudly endorses Innovative Percussion sticks and mallets, Sabian cymbals, and REMO drumheads. He is also a proud member of the Black Swamp Percussion Educator Network.